Sappey: PA One reforms will save taxpayer dollars

HARRISBURG, Sept. 30 – State Rep. Christina Sappey announced that the House Bipartisan Management Committee, comprised of leaders of the House Republican and Democrat Caucuses, has approved a one-year study on cost-saving reforms recommended by the PA One Caucus, a bipartisan group of 18 House members pushing for reform and bridging the partisan divide.

“The proposed reforms included in the study would make the House more accountable to the public and create institutional efficiencies that could save significant taxpayer dollars,” said Sappey, D-Chester. “I’m proud to be a member of the PA One Caucus. I look forward to the results of the study and hopefully implementing measures to reduce cost and increase efficiency.”

The reforms being studied include merging services for in-house printing, messenger services and bulk purchasing. Typically, these services are split along party lines with each party awarding contracts to different vendors.

The study will be completed within the year.

PA One members include:

  • Rep. Jared Solomon, D-Phila.
  • Rep. Jesse Topper, R-Bedford/Franklin/Fulton
  • Rep. Thomas Mehaffie, R-Dauphin
  • Rep. Joseph Ciresi, D-Montgomery
  • Rep. Pamela DeLissio, D-Phila./Montgomery
  • Rep. Steven Malagari, D-Montgomery
  • Rep. Natalie Mihalek, R-Allegheny
  • Rep. Christopher Quinn, R-Delaware
  • Rep. Christopher Rabb, D-Phila.
  • Rep. Christina Sappey, D-Chester
  • Rep. Lynda Schlegel-Culver, R-Snyder/Northumberland
  • Rep. Meghan Schroeder, R-Bucks
  • Rep. Melissa Shusterman, D-Montgomery/Chester
  • Rep. Wendi Thomas, R-Bucks
  • Rep. Kathleen Tomlinson, R-Bucks
  • Rep. Dan Williams, D-Chester