Sappey announces over $900k for West Goshen Sewer Authority in water and sewer grants

HARRISBURG, Aug. 17 – State Rep. Christina Sappey, D-Chester, today announced that $910,896 has been awarded to West Goshen Sewer Authority in the form of two separate grants. $500,000 from H20 PA and $410,896 from PA Small Water and Sewer.

“We’ve seen what can happen when our water and sewer pipes are not properly maintained with recent collapses along West Chester Pike,” Sappey said. “If we want to prevent future disruptions to our water service and infrastructure, we need to act proactively before another collapse or failure. Thousands of feet of pipe will need to be repaired, and this money helps these projects get off the ground.”

Funding was awarded through the Commonwealth Financing Authority.

The funding is broken down as follows:

  • West Goshen Sewer Authority: $500,000 H20 PA – Water Supply, Sewer and Stormwater funding. The project includes the rehabilitation of cured-in-place pipe lining of approximately 1,195 linear feet of 30-inch diameter reinforced concrete pipe, 793 linear feet of 24-inch diameter RCP, and 6,469 linear feet of 20-inch diameter RCP. This project also includes the lining of 37 manholes used to convey flow from West Goshen Township, West Whiteland Township, Westtown Township and East Goshen Township.

  • West Goshen Sewer Authority: $410,896 PA Small Water and Sewer Program funding. In 2019, multiple sections of 14-inch diameter asbestos cement pipe collapsed directly adjacent to West Chester Pike. During the emergency repairs, inspection of downstream pipe showed it is at risk of collapse, which would cause significant disruption. This project includes lining approximately 2,364 linear feet of 14-inch diameter asbestos cement pipe. It also includes the replacement of two 2-inch air release valves, one 3-inch air release valve and one 4-inch air release valve. Associated air release chambers on Five Points Road, Little Shiloh Road, Prospect Avenue and Mill Road will also be replaced.

More information is available by contacting Sappey’s office at 484-200-8264.