Sappey sponsors telemedicine bill

CHESTER, July 1 – State Rep. Christina Sappey, D-Chester, today announced the introduction of H.B. 2454, which would provide for regulation and insurance coverage of telemedicine.

“We’ve seen firsthand during this pandemic how telemedicine plays a critical role in providing Pennsylvanians access to health care,” Sappey said. “This legislation includes coverage for services provided by the Children Health Insurance Program and insurance coverage parity with services provided during office visits.”

Sappey added that in addition to standard medical practices, mental health providers are sharing successes they have had with patients using telemedicine during the pandemic. It is critical for patients to be able to continue to utilize these tools remotely, she said.

Telemedicine is the remote delivery of healthcare services and medical information using telecommunications technology. It’s a significant and rapidly growing component of health care today, Sappey said. By using telemedicine, specialists and other healthcare providers can expand their reach. This will help rural patients, in particular, who frequently choose not to seek care or are forced to travel long distances to see a provider.

More information about the legislation is available by contacting Sappey’s office at 484-200-8264.


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