Boscola and Samuelson: Important Bethlehem projects receive more than $1.6 million through statewide programs

BETHLEHEM, March 16 - State Sen. Lisa Boscola and State Rep. Steve Samuelson today announced state funding totaling $1,642,750 for projects in the City of Bethlehem through a new Statewide Local Share Account (LSA) from gaming funds and the Multimodal Transportation Fund (MTF).

Two important projects received considerable funding to help the City of Bethlehem tackle important initiatives : the Broad Street improvement project received $642,750 in state multimodal funding to help make East Broad Street more walkable for pedestrians by implementing pedestrian safety and traffic calming measures.

“This multimodal funding for East Broad will allow the city to make traffic safety and pedestrian improvements in a neighborhood that is thriving with the North Side Alive program, new businesses and the soon to be opened Bethlehem Food Co Op,” Samuelson said. “The redevelopment of the former Bethlehem Steel General Office Building is an essential project for the future of the South Side. I was glad to work with Senator Boscola to secure this funding.”

The Bethlehem Revitalization and Improvement authority received $1 million to help with
rehabilitation of elevators within the Bethlehem Steel General Office (East Annex Building located in the City.
The Bethlehem Steel SGO East Annex Building has been vacant since 1995 when the company vacated the building and has fallen into a state of disrepair. Much of this property has already been redeveloped and is home to many successful businesses. This project involves the rehabilitation of three elevator shafts and cabs, including cleaning and/or project involves the rehabilitation of three elevator shafts and cabs, including cleaning and/or replacement of hoist ways, floor openings, doreplacement of hoist ways, floor openings, doors, cabs and power supplies.ors, cabs and power supplies. These improvements are a critical step towards making the project inhabitable by tenants. The building was the original headquarters to Bethlehem Steel and ensuring that it is preserved and redevelopedpreserved and redeveloped is critical for the continued redevelopment of Bethlehem post is critical for the continued redevelopment of Bethlehem post Bethlehem Steel.

Senator Boscola noted, “Teaming up with Bethlehem is always easy. They always deliver. Mayor Reynolds identified these projects as priorities for the City and I worked together with Representative Steve Samuelson to help get Bethlehem the needed dollars to help make these projects a reality.”

Funding for the projects was approved today by the Commonwealth Financing Authority Board. The Local Share Accounts (LSA) were established by the Pennsylvania Racehorse Development and Gaming Act. The funds are generated by the state’s gaming facilities. The Multimodal Transportation Fund was created as part of Act 89 to promote economic development and ensure that a safe and reliable system of transportation is available throughout the Commonwealth.