Sainato: $600,000 grant awarded to DON Enterprises for Wright Building Project

Mixed-use space will create affordable housing, business opportunities

NEW CASTLE, April 15 – New funding of $600,000 will boost a developer’s efforts to revitalize part of downtown New Castle, state Rep. Chris Sainato, D-Lawrence, announced today.

Sainato said the grant to DON Enterprises Inc. under the Community Revitalization Fund Program will fund the developer’s ongoing project to rehabilitate the Wright Building into a mix-used property.

“This is a great boost for DON’s efforts to revitalize this area of New Castle’s Lower East Side,” Sainato said. “Historic old buildings like the Wright Building hold so much promise for residential and commercial development, but often require extensive rehabilitation. This grant will help bolster those efforts that promise to turn the space into real-world opportunities for affordable housing and new business activity.”

Funding for the project was raised through the sale of tax credits under the Mixed-Use Development Tax Credit Program.

The Community Revitalization Fund Program is administered by the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency, which works to provide affordable homeownership and rental housing options for older adults, low- and moderate-income families, and people with special housing needs.

The grant is one of six awarded statewide under the program. More information about the grants is available here: