Rozzi announces safety grant for Muhlenberg School District

READING, Oct. 4 – State Rep. Mark Rozzi announced that Muhlenberg School District was awarded a state grant aimed at improving school safety.

Muhlenberg School District was awarded an $18,890 grant through the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Safe Schools Targeted grant program.

“It’s become clear in recent years that we have to do more to protect our children, including while they are in school,” said Rozzi, D-Berks. “I’m glad to see Muhlenberg School District awarded this grant to help enhance the programs they have in place to ensure student safety. If our students feel safe, they can concentrate on learning.”

The Education Department awarded $8.4 million in Safe Schools Targeted grants Thursday. The funding includes program grants for school entities to establish programs to prevent and reduce violence; equipment grants to help school entities procure security or safety equipment; funding for the training and compensation of school resource officers, employed by law enforcement agencies and assigned to schools, and school police officers, employed directly by school districts.

More information on the grants can be found here.

Rozzi also supported the creation of a new $60 million School Safety and Security Grant program to be administered through the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency. The deadline for schools to apply for those grants is Oct. 12.