$1.5M in RACP project grants for the 190th

Community leaders applaud Brown’s leadership and funding bought back to the district

PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 30 – State Rep.-elect Amen Brown, D-Phila., today announced $1.5 million in RACP state grants from the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program to support the Mann Center for the Performing Arts ($500,000) and the Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse ($1 million).

“I am excited and honored to announce the RACP grants to the Mann Center and the Smith Playhouse. The work that was done in such a short time to secure funding to help revitalize and renovate these two historical organizations right in our community was incredible,” Brown said. “I look forward to continuing to work alongside our community partners. And, I am eager to see a successful execution of these projects.”

The first grant will enable the Mann Center for Performing Arts to continue upgrades to the pavilion, the first time it has undergone such a renovation since its opening in 1976. Upgrades include an extension of the overcrowded entry plaza, renovation of the existing hilltop pavilion and plaza restrooms, an expansion of the Donor Area and Education Center and an upgrade of the current rainwater management system.

The second grant will support major infrastructure upgrades to the 121-year-old Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse, adding 4,000 square feet of space by transforming areas of the building that are not currently usable.

“In addition to restoring the infrastructure for our historic playhouse, this grant also paves the way for Smith's new Urban Nature Preschool – adding quality seats to city’s preschool inventory,” said Smith’s Executive Director Frances Hoover.

“Representative-elect Brown’s advocacy for the families we serve has been inspiring,” said Smith Board President Joe Khan. “The award of this grant is a testament to his tireless advocacy for Smith, and we look forward to his continued leadership in Harrisburg in the years ahead.”

Brown’s drive for advocating for the 190th Legislative District and collaborative spirit has also been applauded by city government officials, as he has received commitments for additional funding from city Councilmember Curtis Jones to support these projects.

"Representative-elect Brown has already become a valued partner even before being sworn in. His contributions to our park treasures are both greatly appreciated and needed. And, I look forward to having the representative-elect join me in continued advocacy for the park and all of the wonderful venues and playgrounds within our overlapping districts,” Jones said.