Petrarca announces $2.6 million in Pennvest funding for Latrobe Municipal Authority

HARRISBURG, July 17 –. State Rep. Joseph Petrarca, D-Westmoreland/Armstrong/Indiana, announced today the Latrobe Municipal Authority was awarded a 1%, $2.69 million 20-year loan to replace antiquated waterlines.

Petrarca said the loan was approved by the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority on Wednesday.

“I want to thank the Pennvest board for approving this project. This loan will help keep costs for consumers low. Without it, more than 8,000 families would have seen fees increase almost 35% to cover the costs,” Petrarca said.

The project will replace approximately 7,000 feet of 100-year-old cast iron waterlines in the area of State Route 981. The authority says replacing the lines will reduce unaccounted-for water loss below 20%. In 2018, the unaccounted-for water loss was estimated at 40%.

The work is scheduled to begin Sept. 19 and finish Nov. 19.

The Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority offers low-cost loans and grants to communities throughout Pennsylvania to fund sewer, storm water and drinking water maintenance and improvement projects. More information is available at