PLBC statement on recent racist social media posts

HARRISBURG, Feb. 13 – Responding to a recent uptick in racist social media posts at the middle school, high school and collegiate levels, the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus released this statement today:

“The rise in racist rhetoric among our young people is not new, but these disturbing posts are symptomatic of the current state of affairs across the commonwealth and the country. Our students are mirroring the political vitriol and uncivil discourse displayed by adults at school board meetings, in the workplace, on social media, and in their homes.

“Recent social media posts from students at a Philadelphia Catholic high school, a suburban middle school, and a western Pennsylvania state university are racist, hateful, and wrong. They provide further evidence of the need for bias training and inclusive curriculum in our educational system, such as teaching African American history – not just highlighting it in February during Black History Month but throughout the school year.

“We call on local school boards and university officials to review their anti-hate and anti-bias trainings and policies. We encourage school leaders to make Black, Latino, and Asian American history accessible in their schools. We encourage our legislative colleagues to co-sponsor Representatives Burgos, Young, Hohenstein, and Innamorato’s proposed bill for Diverse History Instruction in Schools.

“Inclusion must include all of us. Racism and hate have no place in the classroom or elsewhere. Teaching children that lesson, and fostering it across all areas of education, business, and government is something we all need to get behind to move our commonwealth forward in a positive and productive way where everyone knows they belong.”