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As a delegation, we are pleased to offer you this website, reflecting our delegation members’ interests, and various efforts in Harrisburg and in the communities throughout Philadelphia.

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Philadelphia House Democrats’ statement on Fairmount house fire

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Cephas issues statement on hostage incident in Overbrook neighborhood

(Jan 20, 2022)

PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 20 – State Rep. Morgan Cephas issued the following statement regarding a hostage incident that took place on Jan. 19 in the Overbrook neighborhood, which is in her legislative district. “First and foremost, I’m grateful to everyone who helped resolve this hostage situation without any injury or loss of life. While law enforcement and others work to investigate the full scope of this incident, my thoughts are with the families involved. Though we don’t have all the details regarding this incident at this time, I remain committed to doing everything in my power as a state legislator and a member of the Philadelphia community to combat gun violence. Governor Tom Wolf visited Philadelphia today to focus on that very issue that is plaguing our city, and I want him to know that I look forward to continued collaborative efforts to work on reducing gun violence in our communities.” Read more

Cephas introduces legislation to help seniors avoid pitfalls of reverse mortgages

(Jan 19, 2022)

HARRISBURG, Jan. 19 – State Rep. Morgan Cephas, D-Phila., will soon be introducing legislation to help seniors who might otherwise become victim to potential pitfalls of reverse mortgages to help them better understand the process and be able to take advantage of the benefits of the option. “Reverse mortgages can help some seniors navigate financial struggles,” Cephas said. “But for some seniors and their families, reverse mortgages can be confusing financial tools that are costly, even costing some their homes. These contracts can be difficult to navigate, especially for our most vulnerable populations. Understanding how a reverse mortgage works is key, which is why I will be introducing legislation to ensure that seniors be educated about reverse mortgages before they get one.” Cephas’ legislation would require face-to-face counseling for a senior with an approved financial counselor before one begins a reverse mortgage. If the meeting is unable to take place face-to-face, the potential borrower could also meet with a counselor over the phone or through video teleconference. “I want seniors in my district and across the commonwealth to get the support they need as they make life-changing decisions,” Cephas said. “This legislation will help ensure they are provided the support they deserve.” Read more

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Reps. Danilo Burgos, Angel Cruz and Manny Guzman: Redistricting plan will improve Latino representation

(Jan 16, 2022)

Latino representation is lacking in Pennsylvania, particularly when you consider the growth that has occurred across Pennsylvania over the last decade. The LRC plan makes major strides in correcting this injustice and restoring fairness in representation in Pennsylvania. Read more

Krajewski announces $60,000 grant for Kingsessing Library

(Jan 12, 2022)

HARRISBURG, Jan. 12 – State Rep. Rick Krajewski, D-Phila., announced today that the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development has awarded Kingsessing Library $60,000 for improvements. “Kingsessing Library is a hub of resources in our community, and I am excited to see $60,000 in grant funding coming back to my district to help Kingsessing Library with costs for improvements that will benefit all the neighbors in the Kingsessing neighborhood,” Krajewski said. Kingsessing Library plans to use the funds to cover the costs of furniture, equipment and other physical improvements to its facility. “The Kingsessing Library is overjoyed to receive this grant, thanks to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and our state representative, Rick Krajewski," said Ben Remsen, library manager for the adult/teen section. "These funds will allow us to replace outdated furniture to make the library more warm and welcoming and allow us to update the technology to help us close the digital divide, which is a major issue in the Kingsessing community." Read more

Cephas issues statement on Pa. school funding trial

(Jan 11, 2022)

HARRISBURG, Jan. 11 – State Rep. Morgan Cephas issued the following statement about the school funding trial today. "Our children are our future," Cephas said. "That statement is more than just a platitude, it's a reality. We have a responsibility to provide our children with all the tools they need to build a better future for us all. For too long, the opportunities for children in some public schools far exceed the opportunities for children in other public schools, despite our state constitution requiring that the General Assembly provide for the maintenance and support of a thorough and efficient system of public education to serve the needs of the commonwealth. Some of our children are falling through the cracks because of our failures. “Philadelphia students are short on average $5,583 per student based on how we fund our schools. Over the years we’ve lost guidance counselors, principals and essential programming for our students. Since taking office, my colleagues and I have been fighting for fair funding for students across our commonwealth. Today, the School District of Philadelphia and Dr. Hite take the stand to testify on behalf of the SDP to speak to the reality of the state of education in Philadelphia and to offer insight on the needs of our students and families. It is my sincere hope that they will be heard. “It is time to right the wrongs of our inequitable school funding system and ensure that children Read more

End Gun Violence Now

(Dec 28, 2021)

The Philadelphia House Delegation is calling for action, a commitment of available resources to bring an end to gun violence and a return of public safety and sanity to the streets of the City and across the commonwealth. Read more

Cephas, McClinton applaud VP Harris’ call to action to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity

(Dec 08, 2021)

HARRISBURG, Dec. 8 – State Reps. Morgan Cephas and Joanna McClinton, both D-Phila., applauded the maternal mortality and morbidity call to action issued by Vice President Kamala Harris this week , citing legislation that can be enacted in Pennsylvania to improve health outcomes and save lives. “The issue of maternal health and the devastatingly high rates of maternal mortality and maternal morbidity in Pennsylvania and across the country have been and continue to be a top priority of mine,” Cephas said. “I’m grateful that Vice President Harris has issued this call to action, elevating this issue in front of the entire country.” “Maternal health is at the core of family wellness,” House Democratic Leader McClinton said. “Despite our nation’s strengths, the fact that we have one of the highest maternal mortality rates is a stain on our country. “I applaud Vice President Harris’ actions to bring visibility to this issue that impacts so many women in our communities.” According to the call to action issued by Harris, the maternal mortality rates in the United States are among the highest in the developed world and are especially high among Black women and Native American women, regardless of income or education levels. As part of the call to action, $3 billion in Build Back Better funding will be invested in maternal health and states will be encouraged to extend Medicaid programs to 12 Read more

Isaacson announces more than $4.5 million in grant funding for six Philadelphia redevelopment projects

(Dec 07, 2021)

HARRISBURG, Dec. 7 – State Rep. Mary Isaacson, D-Phila., announced today that more than $4.5 million in grant funding has been awarded for six redevelopment projects in her district. “The grant funding for these redevelopment projects is sure to go further than the face value of the funding through the creation of jobs and improvements to key projects in our city,” Isaacson said. “I’m glad to see this funding return to our district and I look forward to seeing this money be put to great use for the betterment of our city.” The six grant awards for projects in Isaacson’s district are: $500,000 for Jewelers’ Row/Independence Hall District for a project to add new pedestrian and animated architectural lighting and landscaping to create a safe and attractive environment for thousands of workers, residents and shoppers; provide new gateway signage and lighting; create a connection between lab spaces at the Curtis Center and the life sciences research and commercialization efforts at Thomas Jefferson University, and will add new, unifying public amenities to support the conversion of a vacant historic building. $500,000 for the Pennsylvania Ballet Association for a project to expand and complete the Center for Dance, which will provide rehearsal, performance and administrative space; complete the facility renovation and new construction, including a black box theater with dynamic functions and a performance, Read more

Krajewski announces $2.9 million in redevelopment funding for three projects in his district

(Dec 07, 2021)

HARRISBURG, Dec. 7 – State Rep. Rick Krajewski, D-Phila., announced today that three projects in his district have been awarded a combined $2,917,713 for redevelopment projects. “Redevelopment grants pay dividends beyond the actual award amount because they contribute to the creation of jobs and the betterment of facilities and programs in our community, which our residents will benefit from long after the projects are completed,” Krajewski said. “I’m glad to see this funding returning to my district, and I’m excited to see the projects they will support continue toward completion.” The three projects in Krajewski’s district that have been awarded funding are: $250,000 for The Woodlands to make improvements to the entrance, including installing a crosswalk connecting the front gates to the trolley portal, restoring the front entry gatehouses, and improving site lighting and entry/road improvements; and improvements to the Stable building will be transformed into a welcoming hub for visitors to the site, allowing for increased programming, including visitor orientation, education and meeting space, and rental and event space. Additional renovations include roof demolition, carpentry and installation of new metal roof, systems installation including fire protection, plumbing, HVAC and electrical. $667,713 for the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia to improve ADA accessibility through renovation in three Read more

Hohenstein announces $4.5 million in redevelopment grants for four area organizations, including for conversion of Old Port Richmond Power Plant to commercial/entertainment destination

(Dec 07, 2021)

HARRISBURG, Dec. 7 – State Rep. Joe Hohenstein today announced $4.5 million in grant funding for four area organizations, including $1 million to assist in converting the Old Port Richmond Power Plant into a commercial/entertainment destination. “These grant funds will go far in helping our community in several ways,” Hohenstein said. “The grant award for Frankel Management Company to convert Old Port Richmond Power Plant into a commercial and entertainment destination is fantastic for the city of Philadelphia, which will see a positive impact in the local economy as a result of this project because it’s going to add jobs and drive revenue. “I have been a supporter of the Old Port Richmond Power Plant project and wrote a letter of support back in March for the project to receive grant funding because I believe in its potential to have a tremendous positive impact,” Hohenstein added. “And the other grant awards in our district are sure to have a positive impact, as well.” The three other projects receiving funding in Hohenstein’s legislative district are: $1.5 million for Jacquin’s distillery, which is Pennsylvania’s oldest distillery. $1 million for the Arsenal. $1 million for Trinity Police Athletic League, which encompasses a police athletic league in Hohenstein’s district on Clearfield Street. The funding for these projects was awarded through the Redevelopment Assistance Read more