Harkins appointed to Veterans’ Home Advisory Council for Pennsylvania Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home

ERIE, May 17 – State Rep. Pat Harkins announced today that he has been appointed by PA House Speaker Joanna McClinton to serve on the Veterans’ Home Advisory Council for the Pennsylvania Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home.

Harkins, who is one of four House lawmakers named to different homes’ councils this week, said the appointment is a chance to carry on work with a family connection.

“Being appointed to the Veterans’ Home Advisory Council is a tremendous honor for me,” said Harkins, D-Erie. “My father was extremely active with the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home after he retired from the Navy, and I know he viewed his involvement as a way of continuing to give back to his fellow veterans.

“Service and sacrifice are more than a calling for these residents – they are a way of life. Now, as they enjoy their golden years, it’s incumbent on us to make sure they have the quality of life they deserve. I’m thrilled to be working with fellow council members and the home’s dedicated staff and administrators to keep that legacy of care and respect going.”

The advisory council for each state Veterans Home consists of 15 members, who are responsible for advising the adjutant general on the facility’s management and operations. More information about the council is available here: https://www.dmva.pa.gov/paveteranshomes/AdvisoryCouncil/Pages/default.aspx.

Other McClinton appointments include state Reps. Kyle Donahue, to the Gina J. Merli Veterans’ Center council; La’Tasha D. Mayes, to the Southwestern Veterans’ Home council; and Dan Williams, to the Southeastern Veterans’ Home council.