Harkins clarifies requirements for voters on annual mail-in ballot list

Those on list must still apply annually to receive their ballots

ERIE, Jan. 18 – State Rep. Pat Harkins, D-Erie, is reminding residents on the state’s annual mail-in ballot list that they must still officially apply for mail-in or absentee ballots each year in order to receive them from the state.

“There is some confusion regarding the state’s annual mail-in ballot list,” Harkins said. “We get a lot of folks asking, ‘If I am already on the list, do I still need to reapply for a ballot every year?’ The answer is yes.

“Every February, voters who are on the annual mail-in ballot list will receive a form from the state asking if they want to continue voting by mail or absentee ballot in the year ahead. A voter who wants to continue using the mail option should complete the form and send it back. Once the state receives and processes the form, the voter will automatically receive ballots for all 2023 elections.

“For voters who decide they want to vote in person, the form also contains an option allowing voters to cancel their annual mail voter status and be removed from the list.”

Harkins said more information – including how to become an annual mail voter – is available by visiting www.vote.pa.gov and scrolling down to the link titled “Annual Mail-in Voter List.”