Sainato: More than $250,000 awarded to strengthen support for child assault victims, bolster probation and parole services

HARRISBURG, June 8 – Lawrence County programs to treat child victims of sexual or physical abuse are receiving $200,000 from the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency, while the county is receiving an additional $51,174 to enhance adult probation and parole services, state Rep. Chris Sainato announced today.   

Sainato, D-Lawrence, said $200,000 in funding to the Children’s Advocacy Center of Lawrence County will help expand available services and reduce treatment waiting times.

“With certain funding ending, the Children’s Advocacy Center has been forced to cut back on the services of some of its full-time therapists,” Sainato said. “At a time when there is already a waiting list of 30 children each month, with many waiting six months for treatment, any further reduction in resources could be disastrous.

“Children who have been traumatized by sexual or physical abuse cannot afford to wait. This funding is going to help ensure these child victims receive the trauma-focused, evidence-based mental health services they need as soon as possible.”

Sainato said the additional funding of more than $50,000 for adult probation and parole resources will strengthen supervisory services and evidence-based programs.