Longietti honored by University of Pittsburgh Occupational Therapy Department

HARRISBURG, April 26 – The University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Occupational Therapy today presented State Rep. Mark Longietti with the school’s Award of Appreciation, which recognizes individuals who have demonstrated meaningful engagement with the University’s OT students.

Longietti – who was nominated based on his service as a guest lecturer for the university’s Master in OT Program – said he was deeply honored by the award.

“Receiving this recognition from the University of Pittsburgh’s Occupational Therapy Department is a special honor because the folks presenting it are models of dedication to their field,” Longietti said. “The passion and devotion to the work these educators show every day inspires students to take that with them into the field, and it makes a world of difference to their patients.

“I have felt humbled to play a role in helping teach these students about the legislative process and the importance of becoming engaged in policies affecting their profession.”

In presenting the award, professor and Department Chair Elizabeth Skidmore noted that Longietti has been consistently engaged with students in creditable and valuable ways during the past five years, has regularly made time for in-person lectures on the complexity of government, and has taken information from hearings and meetings with those in the profession to the House chamber to support meaningful policies for the profession.

Longietti was nominated by Pitt Associate Professor Alyson Stover, who operates an occupational therapy business in the 7th Legislative District, where she practices.

The award was presented virtually to Longietti at the 2022 Pitt OT Spring Colloquium.