Longietti: More than $660,000 awarded for Mercer County programs to combat domestic violence, enhance crisis response, support victims

Grants will also fund police cameras, programs to reduce recidivism

HERMITAGE, Dec. 8 – New state funding of $663,434 will bolster Mercer County efforts to fight crime, reduce violence against women, improve services and supports for victims, enhance crisis response and reduce recidivism rates, state Rep. Mark Longietti announced today.

Longietti, D-Mercer, said the grants were awarded by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency and will fund five separate programs.

“Mercer County law enforcement and community partners work tirelessly to keep our communities safe and protect residents,” Longietti said. “This funding is going to put new resources into their hands for programs to enhance policing and crisis response, combat domestic abuse, reduce recidivism rates and better serve some of the county’s most vulnerable residents.”

Longietti said the funding includes:

  • $375,000 to AWARE, Inc. for the Mercer County STOP Project. Funds will support a collaborative effort to reduce violence against women through special law enforcement and prosecution units, continue a deputy sheriff to serve protective orders and track weapons relinquished, support domestic violence/sexual assault victims and offer outreach for elder victims.
  • $96,669 to the Mercer County Commissioners to continue the CJAB Cross Systems Alignment Project. Funds will support efforts to increase collaboration among criminal justice system stakeholders, improve offender outcomes/reduce recidivism and jail crowding and save taxpayer dollars.
  • $84,900 to the Mercer County Commissioners to expand and enhance the county’s crisis intervention team. Funds will support a part-time crisis intervention team coordinator and additional police/first responder training in crisis intervention, mental health first aid and suicide prevention.
  • $59,865 to the Mercer County Commissioners for the Innovative Policing Technology Systems project. Funds will be used to purchase a video camera system for the City of Hermitage Police Department and body-worn cameras for the City of Sharon Police Department.
  • $47,000 to the Mercer County Behavioral Health Commission to continue providing child-friendly, trauma-informed medical evaluations for suspected sexual abuse victims. Funds will provide staff education and training and advance the Mercer County Children’s Advocacy Center’s accreditation process.

More information about PCCD is available here.