Sainato: $422,000 awarded to help Lawrence County combat domestic violence and child abuse, serve and support victims

Will also fund therapist to reduce waiting list of children needing services

NEW CASTLE, Dec. 8 – New state funding of $422,000 will support Lawrence County programs to prevent domestic violence and child abuse, bring offenders to justice, and serve and support victims, state Rep. Chris Sainato announced today.

Sainato, D-Lawrence, said two grants awarded by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency will improve investigation and prosecution of these crimes while minimizing the additional trauma that investigations can bring.

“Violence and abuse directed at women and children can leave lasting emotional scars that traumatize victims and their loved ones for life,” Sainato said. “Unfortunately, the process of investigating and prosecuting these crimes can re-traumatize victims.

“Securing this funding will help our community’s dedicated law enforcement professionals and community partners carry out these investigations in ways that improve results while minimizing additional trauma to victims. The funding will also help ensure that they receive the services and supports they need to heal.”

Sainato said the funding includes:

$375,000 to Crisis Shelter of Lawrence County for a STOP Violence Against Women Grant

The grant will fund specialized law enforcement and prosecution units and help investigators develop techniques to make the investigation process more effective and less traumatic for victims.

$47,000 to Children's Advocacy Center of Lawrence County
The funding will allow the organization to continue core services of investigating and prosecuting child abuse and supporting and protecting at-risk youth. Part of the project will provide an additional outpatient therapist to reduce the current waiting list of children needing services.

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