Burns backs no-tax bipartisan budget deal

HARRISBURG, June 25 – As a centrist who believes in balanced budgets and living within the state’s means, state Rep. Frank Burns, D-Cambria, voted today to pass a no-tax bipartisan budget that invests in education while saving money for the future.

“Today I voted to pass a no-tax budget that is on time and delivers for the people of Pennsylvania,” Burns said. “The liberal far left legislators are against this budget because it doesn't spend enough. The radical far right legislators are against this budget because it spends too much. As someone who prides himself on representing both sides, I voted for this centrist budget that reflects bipartisan compromise in Pennsylvania.”

When the governor unveiled his budget proposal earlier this year, Burns was quick to say he wouldn’t support legislation that would raise taxes on working Pennsylvanians, and today’s bipartisan vote reflects that. And when the federal government sent Pennsylvania more than $7 billion this year in COVID-19 relief, Burns again led the way, calling on the state legislature to use that funding to lower property taxes across the state.

While the budget passed today did not include his provisions to provide property tax relief and greater stipends for rent rebates, Burns said he would continue to fight for the taxpayers of Pennsylvania.

“I've always been a centrist who seeks compromise to get things done,” Burns said. “This budget is the compromise by moderate legislators that provides more money for schools, families and infrastructure -- while putting a significant amount of money in the Rainy Day Fund.

“I still would've liked to see the legislature consider my plan to give the budget surplus back to the taxpayers and reduce property taxes. Rest assured I will not give up pushing to give taxpayers a break.”