Trumpcare is not healthcare "reform;" it's a tax cut for the wealthy

A tax cut for the wealthy paid for by cutting health insurance for the middle class.

The Senate Trumpcare bill confirms our worst fears.


It's as bad as or worse than the House version that passed in May.


It's a collection of the worst ideas -- disguised as "healthcare reform" -- in American history.


It dramatically cuts funding for Medicaid to the states.


It will force Pennsylvania to choose between keeping people healthy and cutting support for schools and other core services.


It shuts down Medicaid expansion and will take health insurance away from 700,000 people in Pennsylvania who just recently were able to get it.


It gives millions in tax breaks to the wealthy -- and to insurance and medical device companies.


It will make coverage unaffordable for thousands of Pennsylvanians and drive up uninsured rates and expensive emergency room care.


It will take health insurance away from people with pre-existing conditions and flood the market with expensive policies that don't cover basic services.


And, it will eliminate 85,000 jobs in Pennsylvania over the next 10 years and cost our state's economy more than $4.5 billion dollars.


Fundamentally, Trumpcare is not about protecting health insurance markets, expanding coverage, or reducing healthcare costs.


It’s not really a healthcare bill at all.


It’s a tax cut for the wealthy paid for by cutting health insurance for the middle class.


It shows Republicans in Washington are out of ideas when it comes to healthcare policy.


We've worked hard for many years in Pennsylvania to make sure working families, children, senior citizen, veterans -- all Pennsylvanians -- have affordable access to the health care they need.


We cannot allow the president and Republicans in Washington to undue that important work -- and sentence many of us to a future of sickness and financial devastation.


We need to make sure our representatives and senators in Washington understand that there will be real consequences in Pennsylvania if Trumpcare becomes law.