More jobs doesn't mean we have to give up our health or safety

A state budget bill (House Bill 218) House Republicans wrote and passed in April puts public health and safety at risk in Pennsylvania.


The partisan plan was written and passed with no input or support from House Democrats or the governor.


Under the House Republican budget bill, there would be 600 fewer inspections of public water systems -- water systems that provide clean drinking water to more than 80% of Pennsylvania residents.



The House Republican budget bill would reduce the number of underground mine inspectors in Pennsylvania -- the people who ensure the safety of our coal miners and the mines they work in.


The DEP staff cuts forced by the House Republican budget would also slow down the permit review process.


That's bad for job growth, businesses and economic development in Pennsylvania.


DEP has been forced to reduce its staff by more than 750 under Republican budgets.


Those reductions have made it nearly impossible for the state to adequately monitor and protect the air you breathe and the water you drink.


Last year, the EPA warned Pennsylvania that further cuts in staff could lead to the federal government taking over responsibility for these programs.


That loss of authority would include a loss of federal funds for Pennsylvania.


Republican attempts to shrink DEP have had an impact on businesses and the economy that's opposite to the one Republicans say they intend.


Starving DEP of staff and financial support in an effort to "reduce regulation" actually hurts our ability to work with businesses to help them undertake new projects and create more jobs. 


And, it threatens the health and safety of you and your family.


Pennsylvanians want good jobs, healthy businesses and a growing economy, but they DON'T want to sacrifice their health or their families' safety to get it.


House Democrats don't believe they we have to.


We'll continue fighting for a responsible budget that grows jobs and the economy without abandoning the investments that keep millions of Pennsylvanians safe at home and at work.