Trumpcare is a job killer

Trump plan could cause nearly a million job losses by 2026

Concern over attempts by Republicans in Washington to dismantle the Affordable Care Act is about much more than just millions of people losing health coverage -- although that's certainly bad enough. 


There's also tremendous worry about the impact repealing the ACA will have on the economy -- nationally and in the states.


A new report released this week says more than 1 million jobs could disappear across the nation over the next 10 years as the result of a repeal.


Pennsylvania stands to lose nearly 85,000 jobs.



The study, by The Commonwealth Fund, a healthcare-focused foundation, and the Milken Institute School of Public Health at George Washington University, concludes that Republicans' American Health Care Act -- Trumpcare -- would cause every state in America to suffer an economic downturn.


States like Pennsylvania that expanded Medicaid so more residents had access to affordable health coverage would suffer the worst, the study says.


As healthcare coverage losses mount in 2020 and beyond under the Republican House-passed plan, job losses and economic decline would get worse.


If the plan to dismantle the ACA passed by Republicans in the U.S. House in May were to take effect in its current form, gross state products would fall by $93 billion and business output in the states would decline by $141 billion.


Pennsylvania would lose 84,900 jobs by 2026, including 52,500 healthcare jobs.


Healthcare and medical research have been leaders in PA job growth over the past two decades.


The study estimates that the only state that would lose more jobs under Trumpcare than Pennsylvania is New York.


Now we know why Republicans in the U.S. Senate are keeping their version of Trumpcare so secret.


We need to work together to convince Congress to reject Trumpcare and save our health, our economy and our jobs.