Trumpcare would be devastating for older Pennsylvanians

If at first you don't succeed, rig the game.


Apparently, that's the Congressional Republican strategy on ending health coverage for 23 million Americans.


While everyone was distracted by the growing Trump-Russia scandal this week, U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell invoked a special rule that allows the Senate to fast-track the healthcare repeal bill the House already passed and vote on it without committee debate or hearings.


Trumpcare could pass the Senate before July 4.


By stacking the deck in favor of insurance companies and the wealthy, Trumpcare poses a great danger to thousands of older Pennsylvanians. 

  • Trumpcare raises costs and imposes a crushing age tax on older Pennsylvanians right when they need the money the most ? just before retirement.

  • Trumpcare allows insurance companies to increase premiums for older Americans as high as they like -- draining the savings of older Pennsylvanians and forcing them to retire in poverty. 

    The Congressional Budget Office estimated some older Pennsylvanians could see their premiums rise by 800 percent under Trumpcare.

  • Trumpcare also unravels protections in the Affordable Care Act that older Pennsylvanians need.

    The ACA requires insurance companies to cover essential health benefits such as mental health treatment and prescription drug coverage; Trumpcare removes these protections.

    Three out of 4 adults over age 50 take at least one prescription on a regular basis; losing access to this coverage would ruin the health and financial security of many older Pennsylvanians.

  • Finally, Trumpcare allows insurers to set premiums for enrollees based on their health status.

This would take Pennsylvania back to the days when tens of thousands of people with pre-existing conditions could not access health coverage or afford necessary health care.


If an insurer wants to deny coverage for someone with a pre-existing condition, all they'll have to do under Trumpcare is offer a plan that's too expensive or a plan that doesn't include the coverage the person needs.


Trumpcare would be devastating for millions of families, but few will bear the brunt like our parents, grandparents and older loved ones here in Pennsylvania.