In Trump budget, your family's health is not a priority

As with Trumpcare, the Trump budget would be devastating to people's health

You may recall that Presiden't Trump's "healthcare" proposal, as passed by the U.S. House earlier this month, is especially tough on Pennsylvanians. His new budget proposal doubles down on the hurt.    


Trump's budget proposal would devastate three of the linchpins of Pennsylvania's ability to keep our residents healthy: Medicaid, children's health insurance and the fight against chronic diseases.


Trump's budget would cut Medicaid support by $600 billion over a decade -- after he promised to protect this healthcare program vital to seniors and people with disabilities during the campaign.


His budget cuts come on top of more cuts proposed in his Trumpcare plan.


If both the Trump budget and Trumpcare pass, states would lose more than $1 trillion in support for Medicaid.


The only "flexibility" these cuts would provide to Pennsylvania and other states is the flexibility to decide which patients don't receive care or which other services are cut from the state budget instead.


Trump's budget also cuts $6 billion from state children's health insurance programs.


Pennsylvania would lose federal CHIP funding for thousands of children who qualify under PA's program but whose families earn too much to qualify under Trump's budget.


Under the Trump budget, children's healthcare costs would skyrocket while wellness and healthcare services for tens of thousands of children would plummet.


Trump claims he wants to provide block grants to the states to combat chronic diseases such as obesity and diabetes, but his budget cuts $222 million from chronic disease prevention at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


The American Public Health Association believes these cuts would be catastrophic, especially for children, senior citizens and many working Americans.


The Congressional Budget Office has determined Trumpcare would cause 23 million Americans to lose their health insurance.


Trump's budget would go even further by ensuring state efforts to keep you and your loved ones healthy are traded away for even more tax cuts and benefits for big corporations and the wealthy.