Republican budget puts people and families at risk

Cuts that will put tens of thousands of people at physical and financial risk are no way to help families and communities thrive

If one of the goals of House Republicans is to make life much more difficult for you and your family, the partisan budget bill they passed on April 4 is a great success. 


The Republican budget slashes state support for everything from safe child care and healthy parenting, to mental health and substance abuse treatment, to care and support for senior citizens and the homeless.


No matter where you live or what your income is, chances are these cuts will impact you and your family at a very personal level and force you into some very difficult choices.



Need to find quality care for your children? Republican cuts will eliminate support for childcare services for 10,000 children and increase the waiting list to 19,000 -- the highest in Pennsylvania's history.


Many parents would have to choose between staying home and giving up income critical to supporting their family and going to work and potentially placing their children in an unstable or unsafe environment.


The cuts would also threaten home-based visiting services that help more than 1,700 young mothers and their babies and toddlers stay healthy and safe.  


Do you have an aging parent or a son or daughter with a disability? The Republican budget cuts $6 million from home-based and community-based services, meaning your loved ones may no longer be able to receive care or assistance at home. And you may face the increased apprehension and cost of placing them in a nursing home or other institution.


The heroin crisis is devastating Pennsylvania communities -- very few neighborhoods and families have gone untouched. And Pennsylvania is already falling short in its care for people with mental and behavioral disabilities.


Yet the Republican budget cuts millions of dollars more from mental health and substance abuse funding. These cuts will mean even fewer services and care for people with mental and behavioral health needs and less treatment and support for people and families impacted by the heroin crisis and other substance abuse addictions.


The Republican budget cuts nearly $5 million from services for families in danger of going homeless. Even if your family isn't threatened by homelessness, this huge shift in costs from the state to counties and communities will drive your local taxes up, and threaten other important services you rely on such as police and fire protection, parks and recreation, and public health and safety.


The Republican budget bill is a huge step backward for Pennsylvania. Cuts that will put tens of thousands of people at physical and financial risk are no way to help families and communities thrive.