Quality public schools help your children and your community thrive

House Democrats support increasing state support for public school students and strengthening accountability for schools themselves.

Pennsylvania needs strong neighborhood public schools in every community.


We have great schools in many areas of Pennsylvania, but in too many communities, schools don't get the resources they need to give every child an opportunity to succeed.


Years of chronic underfunding have led to inequalities that negatively impact schools, students and families.


Pennsylvania has the worst disparity in the United States between wealthy schools and poor schools.


The careless cuts of the Corbett/Republican budgets in the first half of this decade accelerated the damage.


At the same time our children were receiving less for their education, big corporations were getting bigger tax cuts to boost their profits and avoiding their fair share of the investments needed to build the workforce they rely on.


Pennsylvania ranks 46th in the nation in state share of support for its public schools.


It is one of only 14 states with a regressive funding system -- meaning the fewest resources go to the poorest schools with the highest need.


Last year, the General Assembly adopted a fair funding formula for basic education, but it only applies to new state funding -- only about 6 percent of total school spending.


Unless you and your children live in a wealthy community, chances are they don't receive the same access to staff, resources and programs that kids in wealthier communities do -- and they will never catch up under the current formula.


That limits their educational opportunity and their chance for future success, and it limits your family's economic prospects and your community's ability to thrive.


Pennsylvania can rebuild its great public school system by committing to a new way forward -- and by putting you and your family first.


We can reform our charter school law so these unique public schools become the innovation engines they were originally intended to be -- not simply escape valves for students and parents trapped in neglected neighborhood schools, or profit-making ventures for private management companies.


House Democrats will be introducing and sponsoring several bills this session make those improvements possible.


And, we can commit to making significant new investments in our public schools overall to fix the shortsighted cuts of the past and help the students, families and communities that have been shortchanged for so long.


The governor's proposed budget does that by increasing state support for public school students and strengthening accountability for schools themselves.


The governor is also including a House Democratic recommendation to invest more in quality, affordable early childhood education to give kids the quality start they need and working parents the support they need.


The Pennsylvania constitution includes a mandate to provide a thorough and efficient system of public education for all children.


House Democrats take that mandate seriously.


With your support, we can refocus and reinvest in our public schools -- and provide a superior education for every student and a strong foundation that allows every family and every community to thrive.