Healthcare for women EQUALS economic security for your family

Pennsylvania needs a healthcare system that works for all of us. That includes the more-than-50-percent of us who are women.


The president and Republicans in Congress are threatening to repeal the Affordable Care Act and withhold federal funding from some groups that provide family planning and other legal health services for women.


Special interests and some big insurance companies are behind this assault on women's health, trying to rewrite the rules to make it harder for millions of women to stay healthy, enjoy the economic opportunities they deserve, and support themselves and their families.


We should demand that our elected officials stand up to these efforts, and protect affordable and equal healthcare access for our moms, daughters, wives and sisters.


If federal funding for family planning services is cut, or Medicaid reimbursements decline under an ACA repeal, many women's health clinics may close their doors. 


Women are concerned that the contraceptive services that are important to their health and their family's financial security may vanish. 


While the ACA currently protects contraceptive coverage for women, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has the discretion to remove it from the list of preventive services covered by the ACA.


President's Trump's Health and Human Services secretary, Tom Price, has said that federal funding for birth control is "unnecessary" and that providing it violates "religious freedom."


We need to put the health of everyone -- including women -- first, in front of partisan politics and the narrow agenda of special interests.


Affordable contraception and other family planning services make sense not just for women's health, but for fiscal responsibility too. For every $1 spent on publicly funded family services, more than $4 in Medicaid expenses are saved because unintended pregnancies are avoided. In 2010, unintended pregnancies cost the federal government $14.6 billion and states $6.4 billion.


Pennsylvania House Democrats want to stop the attacks on women and pursue a new way forward that puts you and your family first. We want to protect healthcare access and healthcare affordability for women and support a healthcare system that works for everyone, not just those whom the insurance companies want to cover.