House Democrats fighting for a Pennsylvania that works for all of us, not just the wealthy few

It's time to raise wages for working people in Pennsylvania

Everyone who works hard and works full-time should earn enough to support themselves. It's ridiculous that important jobs such as nurses' assistants, preschool teachers and even paramedics pay such low wages -- in some cases not enough to stay out of poverty.

The minimum wage is so low in Pennsylvania that it is holding down the wages of other workers. It's costing you money by forcing tens of thousands of full-time working people and their families to rely on services subsidized by you and other taxpayers.

Powerful corporations are using their influence to keep things that way. They are trying to convince you and your legislators that better pay for you is bad for small businesses.

But we know better. Working people, small businesses and the middle class are the real engines of the economy. The more money that goes into your pocket, the more money gets spent at businesses on Main Street -- and that helps grow small businesses and allows our communities to thrive.

Pennsylvania's neighbors are proving that. Our minimum wage is the lowest around -- but Pennsylvania isn't attracting jobs away from neighboring states, and their economies are doing better.

Workers in those states are looking forward to extra money to spend each week, and their small businesses are looking forward to more customers.

Tens of thousands of full-time workers in our state don't have anything to look forward to but another month without the means to pay the rent or grocery bill. Our small businesses don't have much to look forward to but another year of subsidizing the poverty wages paid by the out-of-state big-box store.  

We're never going to be able to support our families, revitalize Main Street and improve the local economy by putting more money in the pockets of big-box CEOs.

Chronic low wages are leaving our state and all of us behind. We need to work together to rewrite the rules so our economy works for you and your family -- and your community -- not just the big corporations and Wall Street.

Every hardworking parent should earn enough to care for their kids and get them started on a great future. It's time to raise wages for working people in Pennsylvania.