Dermody: House Democrats excited to work with new governor (with video)

HARRISBURG, Jan. 20 – House Democratic Leader Frank Dermody, D-Allegheny/Westmoreland, released the following statement today on the swearing-in of Pennsylvania's 47th governor, Tom Wolf:

"House Democrats are excited to work with Governor Wolf in the upcoming session. Pennsylvania is a very diverse state, but we can only move forward as one family, not a collection of special interests. Governor Wolf understands that and I believe his approach to governing Pennsylvania will reflect that.

"There is no shortage of challenges facing our state, foremost among them a budget deficit that tops $2.3 billion. House Democrats are ready to work with the governor and our Republican colleagues in the House and Senate to address those challenges.

"We need to build a strong, sustainable middle class, and grow decent jobs in industries that support family-sustaining wages. We need to begin restoring the funding to our schools the previous administration cut, and we need to develop a fair funding formula that ensures every child in Pennsylvania receives a quality education and every public school in Pennsylvania can provide one.

"We need to honor the workers who drive the engine of our economy by making sure they earn a fair wage, enjoy a safe workplace and job and retirement security, and are free from discrimination. And we need to develop our natural resources in a responsible way that protects our environmental legacy and benefits all Pennsylvanians.

"Finally, we need a plan for maintaining sustainable, long-term revenues for our budget, a budget that everyone pays their fair share to support.

"We know Governor Wolf shares those priorities, and that Pennsylvanians strongly support that agenda. They are confident Governor Wolf is the right person for the job, and so are we. If the legislature works with Governor Wolf in a bipartisan way to focus on meeting our most pressing challenges and our most important goals, we will move Pennsylvania forward for everyone."