Philadelphians inducted into Pa. Voter Hall of Fame

PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 21 – State Rep. Ed Neilson, D-Phila., announced today that four residents of the 174th Legislative District were inducted into the Pennsylvania Voter Hall of Fame. 

The Pennsylvania Voter Hall of Fame recognizes constituents for voting in 50 consecutive general elections. The inductees are Barry Lebowitz, Sol Stark, Dennis Stadler and Marlene Nimmo.

Finding eligible Philadelphians was a concerted effort between City Commissioner Lisa Deeley and Neilson.

“Voting in 50 consecutive general elections is no small feat,” Neilson said. “In fact, this is the kind of engagement we need. Every time we vote we make history, we make a difference. That’s why it is so important. If you care about your kids’ education, if you care about health or public safety, you must follow the example of these four committed citizens and make sure that your voice is heard.”

Deeley said, “The democratic process is the cornerstone of our great nation, which is why it was my great privilege to be involved with this induction of four Philadelphia citizens into the Pennsylvania Voter Hall of Fame. These four voters have enthusiastically lived up to their civic duty and serve as an example for others to get more involved in the electoral process.”

Only 53 citizens from Philadelphia County have been inducted in the commonwealth’s Voter Hall of Fame out of a total of 23,592 inductees. In addition to the four people from Neilson’s district, 21 Philadelphians were also inducted.