State Rep. Kyle Mullins statement re: Scranton School District chief recovery officer appointment

"I have been following the recent developments in the Scranton School District with great interest and concern. The financial and managerial deficiencies that have come to light during the recent audits conducted by Auditor General Eugene DePasquale – along with ongoing criminal investigations – have been alarming, to say the least.


These failures have forced school administrators to cut programs such as the Accelerated Reader, library, health and fitness, and instrumental music programs, to name a few. We should be expanding – not eliminating – educational programming to give our children the best possible education.


I applaud the recent decision by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to put the Scranton School District in Financial Recovery Status. By doing this and appointing a chief recovery officer, we will be taking a crucial first step toward correcting the many issues facing the Scranton School District.


The Department of Education recently conducted interviews with several qualified candidates resulting in the appointment of Dr. Candis Finan as Chief Recovery Officer. Finan brings a tremendous amount of expertise as both an educator and an administrator, and I believe she will bring relevant experience and objectivity to the many challenges facing the Scranton School District," Mullins said.