Mullery introduces legislation to expand PPE and sanitization protocols for K-12 schools

HARRISBURG, Jan. 6 – Continuing his efforts to ensure the health and safety of Pennsylvania teachers, school faculty and students amid the COVID-19 pandemic, state Rep. Gerald Mullery has introduced legislation that would ensure school districts receive the personal protective equipment they need and require standardized sanitation protocols.

“Our teachers and faculty are stepping up to the front line as essential workers during the pandemic, and they need every piece of equipment and all the tools in place to keep them and our students safe,” said Mullery, D-Luzerne. “As we face this new and uncertain reality with COVID-19, school districts cannot be left behind and wait to play catch up as we navigate the pandemic.”

Mullery said that his legislation, H.B. 2205, would amend the state’s Public School Code to do the following:

  • Extend the Act 13 requirements to be applicable to the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 school years, requiring that each school entity provides Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to custodial staff. 
  • Establish a vigorous sanitation protocol, in compliance with CDC guidelines, requiring all public schools to guarantee that every surface, desk, hallway, handrail, restroom, cafeteria and bus are regularly sanitized to effectively reduce the risk of transmitting COVID-19.

House Bill 2205 has been referred to the House Education Committee for consideration.