Mullery introduces critical employee protection legislation

HARRISBURG, Feb. 24 – State Rep. Gerald Mullery, D-Luzerne, today announced two pieces of employee protection legislation have been re-introduced in the new legislative session.

“Right now, there are serious loopholes in our laws that could have potentially devastating impacts on our workers,” Mullery said. “My bills would ensure every working Pennsylvanian would not have to worry about retaliation for doing the right thing or having their rights stripped away because of dishonest employers.”

House Bill 660 would increase the penalties for employers who knowingly misclassify their employees to levels which would deter those employers from doing so. Misclassification is a recurring problem which robs employees of their rights while giving dishonest employers an unfair advantage over them.

House Bill 661 would expand the Whistleblower Protection Act to ensure all employees of the Judicial Branch are covered. This expansion would cover Supreme, Superior, and Commonwealth Courts, courts of common pleas, minor judiciary, and all other bodies in the judicial branch of state government.

Mullery, who serves as Democratic chairman of the House Labor & Industry Committee, said both bills are currently awaiting committee assignments for consideration.