McClinton announces $7.9 million Pennvest investment for Susquehanna and Delaware estuaries

HARRISBURG, April 19 – Rep. Joanna McClinton, D-Phila.\Delaware, announced today that the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary was awarded a grant for $7.9 million to construct a freshwater mussel hatchery. Originally proposed last year, the grant was approved by the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority. 


“This hatchery will produce hundreds of thousands of mussels annually and contribute to the improvement of water quality in both the Susquehanna and Delaware estuaries,” McClinton said.


The focus of this project is to restore historic populations of native mussel beds. Riparian buffers are normally used to play a key role in removing nitrogen and partially protecting a stream from the impact of adjacent land uses. Instead of buffers, the hatchery will be designed to filter out nutrients, particularly nitrogen, which run off the land and into hundreds of streams in both watersheds. It will provide for 4.3 million mussels in these areas and remove a higher amount of nitrogen.


“In the years to come this investment will prove a positive environmental impact, as well as a financial one with significant cost reductions,” McClinton said.


Pennvest serves the state of Pennsylvania by distributing grants and low-interest loans for design, engineering and construction of publicly and privately owned drinking water distribution and treatment facilities, storm water conveyance and wastewater treatment and collection systems.