McClinton, Policy Committee discuss pretrial and bail procedure reform

PHILADELPHIA, APRIL 12 – State Rep. Joanna McClinton, D-Philadelphia, today hosted a House Democratic Policy Committee hearing at the Southwest Leadership Academy to explore pretrial and bail procedure reform.

“I am excited the House Democratic Policy Committee came to discuss how we can potentially reform the bail process. There may be better options for those who are not a flight risk and not accused of serious, dangerous crimes. Implementing a new bail process gives these people the option to continue to work and provide for their families. I look forward to further House consideration of my legislation,” McClinton said.

McClinton has introduced House Bill 1092 that would reform Pennsylvania’s pretrial and bail procedures to provide a fairer, effective and less costly criminal justice system. The bill would encourage and incentivize counties to establish pretrial service programs that utilize standards proven to reduce the monetary and human cost of corrections.

“Representative McClinton’s hearing placed a spotlight on a reasonable effort that could ultimately save the taxpayers money. The reality is, the state is facing a $2 billion budget deficit and this is an innovative way to save while improving efficiency,” said state Rep. Mike Sturla, chairman of the House Democratic Policy Committee.

Testifiers included: Keir Bradford-Grey, chief public defender, Defender Association of Philadelphia; Judge Benjamin Lerner (Ret.), Deputy Managing Director for Criminal Justice, City of Philadelphia; Maureen Barden, fellow; Kevin Barnhardt, Berks County commissioner; Nicole Schnovel, board president; Shannon Danley, board treasurer; Janice Radovick-Dean, board director-past president; and Robin Campbell, communications director, Pretrial Justice Institute.

Hearing materials are available at