Consumer Protection Committee approves bills to improve fee transparency, help data breach victims, boost energy & aviation fuel production

HARRISBURG, June 11 – The Pennsylvania House Consumer Protection, Technology and Utilities Committee voted today to send four bills to the full House for consideration, including two bills to strengthen protections for Pennsylvania consumers, a bill to boost energy production statewide, and legislation introduced by Committee Chair Rob Matzie that would encourage the development of Sustainable Aviation Fuel.

Matzie was optimistic about the committee’s progress.

“Today’s meeting was an important one,” Matzie said. “We moved several bills to protect consumers and other bills that would boost the state’s energy production, including my bill that would jumpstart Pennsylvania’s production of Sustainable Aviation Fuel. I’m looking forward to seeing these bills shepherded through the House.”

Matzie said the Pittsburgh International Airport provides a unique opportunity to boost production of SAF – an alternative, bio-based fuel now being used by the aviation industry.

“Our airport is unique because there are solar and gas wells right on the property,” Matzie said. “With the necessary resources and the ability to locate production facilities close to the airport, we have an ideal opportunity to meet a growing demand for this fuel, create jobs and reduce our carbon footprint. My bill would ensure we are positioned to take advantage of this opportunity by extending the law to include a tax credit for producers.”

The bills reported out of committee include:

  • H.B. 1977, which would require businesses to clearly post any surcharges or fees on credit or debit transactions in a visible place.
  • H.B. 2338, which would help expand the state’s energy production by modernizing the Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority.
  • HB 2402, which would amend the law to provide a tax credit for producers of Sustainable Aviation Fuel.
  • S.B. 824, which would provide free credit monitoring for data breach victims. 


ATTENTION EDITORS AND ASSIGNMENT DESKS: Matzie’s comments on the hearing are available here: 061124 Consumer Protection VOSOT.mp4