Matzie: Ambridge Area School District awarded more than $583,000 to promote safe, healthy learning environment

AMBRIDGE, March 15 – A $583,370 grant to the Ambridge Area School District will help school officials ensure students and staff enjoy a safe, supportive learning environment free of threats, bullying or violence, Rep. Rob Matzie, D-Beaver, announced today.

Matzie said the funding – awarded through the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act – will allow school administrators to ensure that policies and programs include a focus on student and staff social, emotional, physical and mental health.

“We know a safe, supportive environment is essential for learning, but it takes resources and planning to create and maintain the kind of healthy, inclusive settings that give students and staff the peace of mind they need to focus and thrive. The new funding is going to allow school administrators to engage with families and the community and shape policies and programs that promote that kind of healthy environment.”

The funding was awarded under the Stronger Connections Grant program, which focuses on districts or schools that meet “high need” criteria such as a high poverty rate, a lack of available mental health supports for students, high rates of violence or school exclusion.

More information about the grant program is available here: