House Consumer Protection, Technology and Utilities Committee holds informational hearing on electric vehicle infrastructure

HARRISBURG, March 8 – With more Pennsylvania drivers turning to electric vehicles, state Rep. Rob Matzie said the House Consumer Protection, Technology and Utilities Committee met Wednesday for an informational hearing on the state’s EV infrastructure.

Matzie, who is majority chairman, said the committee heard testimony from stakeholders and discussed key issues such as the role public utilities will play, ratepayer protections, public demand and expectations for EV charging and other issues that will guide development of policy and legislation.

“Electric vehicle infrastructure is a hot topic, with federal money pouring in to help expand that infrastructure,” Matzie said. “Today, we heard from stakeholders regarding what kind of legislative guidance is needed and how things are progressing.

“We know utilities must have long-term plans in place to ensure that the needed infrastructure is ready, and I anticipate we’ll be having more conversations about those plans. Right now, we want to make sure we’re having conversations with all the stakeholders to make sure PA does it right.”

Matzie added that Pennsylvania’s energy independence and ability to maintain a diverse energy portfolio will remain a central part of the dialogue.

“I have said many times how important the grid is and how important it is for us to have an all-everything energy portfolio,” Matzie said. “Those issues – along with baseload generation as the necessary guiding force for manufacturing in PA – will continue to be part of any conversation.”

Matzie’s comments and an excerpt of the hearing are available here: The full hearing is available here: