Matzie issues statement on DEP’s approval of PennEnergy permit to withdraw water from Big Sewickley Creek for fracking operations

Calls decision baffling

AMBRIDGE, Feb. 16 – State Rep. Rob Matzie issued the following statement in response to news that the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has approved PennEnergy’s amended permit to withdraw water from Big Sewickley Creek for fracking operations:

“I have reached out to the DEP acting secretary to express my disappointment and to submit my formal request for reconsideration.  

“This has been an ongoing area of concern for my constituents, and a personal issue for me, going back many years. I grew up very close to the creek, playing in the water and the surrounding woods as a child. This creek is a vital natural resource for fresh water in the area, is stocked with trout, supports a variety of wildlife nearby, and in some years, parts of the creek dry up during hot summer months. I understand that the department has regulations and guidelines to follow, but after speaking with hundreds of constituents who feel the same way, I am baffled by this decision.

“This large amount of water that will be withdrawn is likely to cause trauma to the ecosystem. I believe protecting the creek – instead of trying to fix it after it’s damaged – should be the most important part of the decision-making process. It’s just common sense.”