Matzie elected vice chair of Pennsylvania Athletic Oversight Committee

Asks PIAA about girls’ flag football, other issues

HARRISBURG, Nov. 14 – State Rep. Rob Matzie was elected vice chairman of the Pennsylvania Athletic Oversight Committee as the bicameral, bipartisan committee met yesterday to approve the 2022 annual report of the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association.

Matzie, who is the committee’s longest-serving member, said the group’s work in overseeing PIAA-sanctioned sports includes ensuring student athletes have opportunities to participate and thrive in a broad range of competitive settings. 

“School sports can play such a key role in developing a student’s character and confidence, instilling a sense of fair play and teaching other critical lessons outside the classroom,” Matzie said. “But we need to ensure the system is evolving so it includes new opportunities and reaches more students.

“At today’s meeting, I asked the PIAA about progress toward expanding high school sports to include women’s flag football, which is rapidly increasing in popularity and has been designated an Olympic sport. I was satisfied to hear that the board is monitoring the sport’s growth here in the commonwealth with an eye toward seeing it become an established competitive sport.”

At the meeting, Matzie also expressed his hope to see increased livestream coverage of student competitions and discussed his concerns regarding how schools at the top of the PIAA’s classifications are monitored relative to the competition formula.

The Pennsylvania Athletic Oversight Committee is comprised of six members: two appointed by the speaker of the House, one appointed by the House minority leader, two appointed by the Senate president pro tempore and one appointed by the Senate minority leader.