Matzie: More than $3 million secured to strengthen Beaver County law enforcement, records management, victim services

AMBRIDGE, Dec. 14 – More than $3.1 million in new grants will allow Beaver County to upgrade law enforcement recordkeeping and computer systems, provide additional resources for crimefighting and support victims, state Rep. Rob Matzie announced today. 

Matzie, D-Beaver, said the funding from the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency will lead to greater efficiency and swifter justice for crime victims. 

“Securing this funding is going to put tougher crimefighting tools into the hands of Beaver County police and bolster county resources for investigating, tracking, and prosecuting crimes and supporting victims,” Matzie said. “Part of the funding will be used to upgrade records management and computer systems for law enforcement countywide, which will make those systems more efficient. The end result is speedier justice, safer communities and greater peace of mind for residents. 

Matzie said the funding to the 16th Legislative District includes:

•    More than $2.6 million to Beaver County Commissioners to upgrade the records management system and computer equipment for 22 participating law enforcement agencies in Beavery County. 

•    $291,000 to Beaver County Commissions to ensure crime victims whose cases are prosecuted within the criminal and juvenile courts receive proper protections.

•    $88,014 to Rochester Township Police for technology upgrades. 

•    $47,000 to A Child’s Place at Beaver to bolster resources. 

•    $ 43,493 to Ambridge Borough to upgrade Ambridge Police Department Policies.

More on PCCD funding is available here: