Matzie: Nearly $420,000 in tax credits awarded for Beaver County projects

Dollars will fund revitalization, literacy projects

AMBRIDGE, NOV. 3 – Nearly $420,000 in tax credits awarded under the state Neighborhood Assistance Program will leverage investments in Beaver County projects to continue revitalizing Downtown Aliquippa and boost digital literacy for job seekers, state Rep. Rob Matzie announced today.

Matzie, D-Beaver, said the funding includes a $400,000 tax credit for the Aliquippa Economic Development Corp. for pedestrian improvements to Franklin Avenue.

“I pushed hard to secure this funding to continue our momentum in Downtown Aliquippa,” Matzie said. “Partnering with Mayor Dwan Walker and Aliquippa leaders to create safe, inviting spaces to downtown is an essential part of those efforts. The new funding will allow Aliquippa Economic Development Corporation to move forward with work on Franklin Avenue to upgrade sidewalks and lighting and add crossing lights and related street improvements.”

Matzie said a second tax credit of nearly $20,000 will bolster the work of Literacy Pittsburgh, a Monaca organization that helps students transition to jobs. 

“The new funding is going to support Literacy Pittsburgh’s efforts to help job seekers in underserved areas develop digital literacy skills, so they have a better shot at finding work,” Matzie said. “It’s a practical program designed to help folks achieve real-world success.”

The state’s NAP encourages private sector investments into projects that will help improve distressed communities by providing tax credits to businesses that donate capital to support projects that address neighborhood and community problems. NAP can be used for projects in categories including affordable housing, community services, crime prevention, education, job training, charitable food, blight, special population issues, veteran’s initiatives and long-term community revitalization.

More information on the tax credits is available here: