Matzie: $1.7 million in state investments announced for region

Dollars will help repair and improve sidewalks and fight hunger

AMBRIDGE, Nov. 9 – Beaver County communities will receive more than $1.7 million in funding for two projects to repair and improve sidewalks and fight hunger in the region, state Rep. Rob Matzie announced.

Matzie, D-Beaver/Allegheny, said the funding announced today through the state Neighborhood Assistance Program includes a $400,000 tax credit for the Aliquippa Economic Development Corp. to continue work in the city’s Plan 11 Extension neighborhood, including sidewalk replacements/improvements and other activities to promote city’s revitalization.

“The investment in Aliquippa continues. This funding is key to building upon the progress already made in blight mitigation and home improvements by making much-needed repairs to the sidewalks and bringing them up to current ADA standards.” Matzie said. “The importance and necessity of structurally sound, fully accessible sidewalks cannot be overstated.”

In addition to the funding for Aliquippa, the state also awarded $1.3 million in tax credits to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, which serves families throughout the region.

“Unfortunately, the pandemic underscored how many folks struggle to put food on the table,” Matzie said. “The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, through their efforts in Beaver County, stepped up and did heroic work in getting resources to the people who needed it the most.”

The state’s NAP encourages private sector investments into projects that will help improve distressed communities by providing tax credits to businesses that donate capital to support projects that address neighborhood and community problems. NAP can be used for projects in categories including affordable housing, community services, crime prevention, education, job training, charitable food, blight, special population issues, veteran’s initiatives and long-term community revitalization.

For a full list of community investments in southwestern Pennsylvania, follow this link.