Madden: Over $46,000 awarded to first responders in the 115th District

MONROE, June 30 – In keeping with her commitment to bring home much-needed grant funding to volunteer fire and rescue squads, state Rep Maureen Madden, D-Monroe, said $46,537 has been awarded to fire and rescue companies in the 115th legislative district.

Madden said it is important for the safety of the community to continue funding volunteer fire and rescue companies because during the pandemic, companies were unable to hold fundraising events.

“Grants for fire and emergency service companies help pay for expense such as equipment, apparatus, training and salaries necessary to protect and serve the community,” Madden said.

The following volunteer companies have received grants:

  • $13,302 - Chemical Co. No 1 - Stroudsburg
  • $12,589 - Phoenix Fire and Engine - Stroudsburg
  • $11,876 - Acme Hose Co. - East Stroudsburg
  • $8,771 - Pocono Mt. Regional EMS -Tobyhanna

Act 91 of 2020 updated and expanded the program to include airport fire companies and reauthorize the program to 2024. The program gets $30 million annually -- $25 million from the State Gaming Fund and $5 million from the Property Tax Relief Fund. It also expanded the allowable use of funds to include recruitment and retention programs, length of service award programs, and for the grants awarded in 2021 and 2022 to replace the revenue lost due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Information on Fire and Emergency Medical Service Grant Program can be found here.