Rep. Madden secures $150,000 for Pocono Municipal Airport

MONROE, Aug. 28 – State Rep. Maureen Madden, D-Monroe, is being credited with getting a $150,000 state aviation grant for improvements to the Pocono Mountains Municipal Airport for design replacement of the fuel farm.

Madden said the airport serves thousands of travelers and business professionals each year.

“I am pleased with this grant funding because it will ensure that our local airport obtains the equipment it needs for safe operation and it’s a huge transportation aviation economic investment that brings thousands of dollars in return to our area, “Madden said.

Madden said most airports, such as the Pocono Municipal Airport have their own dedicated oil depots, usually referred to as” fuel farms” where aviation fuel is stored prior to being discharged into aircraft fuel tanks. Fuel is transported from the depot to the aircraft either by road tanker or a hydrant system.

As of April 2019, Pennsylvania ranks 13th in the country in the number of public-use aviation facilities with 127 airports, heliports and seaplane bases.

Funded through PennDOT’s Aviation Transportation Assistance Program, Aviation Development Program and the Multimodal Fund, airport grant investments are meant to expand aviation-related operational and economic opportunities statewide.