Rep. Madden supports governor's plan to curtail gun violence

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HARRISBURG, AUG. 16 – State Rep. Maureen Madden, D-Monroe, attended today’s news conference held by Gov. Tom Wolf who signed an executive order making sweeping changes to executive branch agencies to better target gun violence.

“I am troubled by what I am seeing throughout our communities," Madden said. "Gun violence has hit close home here in Monroe County where a young man was shot to death at the hands of another near my district office.”

Madden said nearly two dozen new initiatives and reforms have been proposed in four primary categories:

  • New oversight and data sharing.

  • Reducing community gun violence.

  • Combatting mass shootings.

  • Addressing the rising number of gun-related domestic incidents and self-inflicting shootings.

Madden said the governor will direct the administration to create new state offices focused on violence prevention and reduction, expand programs that promote safety, refocus departments on combatting gun violence as a public health crisis, and increase collaboration and data sharing between the public, government agencies and other states.

“We cannot remain silent anymore because time and again we are left with another shooting in another town in another state and the same scenario plays out in the media.

“Our loved ones are dying every day and that is why we must support common sense gun safety legislation and to ban assault weapons.

“Our schools, our homes, our neighborhoods and our stores unfortunately are not safe anymore as they were years ago, so we need a better plan in place to curb gun violence.”