Governor signs $23 million farm law that invests in future generations

Madden lauds plan to improve childhood nutrition


HARRISBURG, July 1 – State Rep. Maureen Madden, D-Monroe, attended today’s bill signing that invests more than $23 million in Pennsylvania’s agriculture industry to grow opportunities and resources, remove barriers to entry, and cultivate future generations of leaders within the business.

“I fully support and voted for this program that would preserve agriculture which is one of our prize industries in Pennsylvania,” Madden said.

The plan includes the following:

  • Agriculture business development and succession planning – which provides $2 million to help farmers create a business plan to meet their needs and a realty transfer tax exemption for any transfer of preserved farmland to a qualified beginning farmer.

  • Creating more processing capabilities to accommodate a growing animal agriculture sector through the Pennsylvania Dairy Investment Program, Center for Animal Agriculture Excellence and incentivizing access to meat processing inspections.

  • Removing regulatory burdens and strengthening the state’s business climate.

  • Strengthening Pennsylvania’s workforce to ensure the next generation is prepared to lead by establishing the Agriculture and Rural Youth Organization Grant Program and the Pennsylvania Farm to School Grant Program.

  • Protecting agriculture infrastructure with the Pennsylvania Rapid Response Disaster Readiness Account.

  • Increasing market opportunities and making Pennsylvania the nation’s leading organic state -- PA Preferred Organic Initiative, PA Preferred Program, state-level Specialty Crop Block Grant Program and urban agriculture.