Rep. Madden joins SEIU at state Capitol rally for better workers' rights

State Rep. Maureen Madden, D-Monroe, members of the Service Employees International Union and legislative colleagues rallied in favor of raising the minimum wage, safe workplaces and for union rights.

The Keystone Worker Protection Pledge was unveiled.

“I believe that all Pennsylvania workers deserve a living wage, a safe work environment and the freedom to form unions,” Madden said.

Along with her colleague, state Rep. Tom Mehaffie, Madden has reintroduced her Workplace Freedom Act legislation (H.B. 1178) that would allow public sector workers to form a union with a simple majority card check vote, rather than the lengthy bureaucratic process that workers currently have to go through.

Madden first introduced the legislation in 2018 in response to the Janus vs AFSCME Supreme Court decision, an unprecedented attack on the right to organize.

“We stand together in an effort to strengthen and expand the rights of Pennsylvanians so they can join a union, be paid a living wage and be employed in safe workplaces,” Madden said.