Daley appointed to serve on four House committees, chair Women’s Health Caucus

HARRISBURG, Jan. 30 – Women’s health and affordable health care, a clean environment, a fair economy for all Pennsylvanians and accountability in government will be in focus for state Rep. Mary Jo Daley, D-Montgomery, who this week received her committee assignments for the two-year legislative session.

Daley was appointed on Monday to serve on the House Ethics, Environmental Resources & Energy, Finance and Health committees. She also will serve as Democratic House chair of the Women’s Health Caucus.

“Women’s health, mothers and babies, and the reproductive rights of women have been top legislative proprieties for me since taking office,” Daley said. “It is a great honor to lead the caucus and to serve on committees that have an impact on people’s constitutional rights. These committee assignments will allow me to work on legislation that matters to the people of Montgomery County and beyond. I am eager to be able to continue to advocate for women, protect Pennsylvania’s natural resources and the right to clean air and water, work toward a fair economy for all, and ensure quality health care that people can afford.”

Daley said the Women’s Health Caucus is a bipartisan, bicameral group of legislators working together to develop and implement legislation and social policy to protect and respect a woman’s right to make private, personal medical decisions. This is Daley's first term as chair of the caucus.

The House Ethics Committee has the responsibility to investigate and deal with violations of House rules, the legislative code of ethics and lobby disclosure act. The committee also is responsible for planning and conducting ethics education courses as required by House rules.

“The Ethics Committee is different from the House’s other standing committees in terms of membership and duties, so it is an honor to serve on it, as well as a serious responsibility,” Daley said. 

The Environmental Resources and Energy Committee works on legislation relating to environmental issues, such as clear air and water, oil and gas drilling, and waste management.

The House Finance Committee is tasked with reviewing bills relating to all financial matters for the state. The committee considers legislation that would affect the state’s budget and revenue outlook. Tax collection rates and policies are regularly reviewed, as well as policies that create or build on programs financed by the state.

The Health Committee reviews legislation affecting health issues in Pennsylvania, including health insurance, guidelines for prescribing opioids, public health emergencies and women’s access to reproductive health care, and works to advance legislation that promotes public health and wellness.

Daley represents the 148th Legislative District.