Lee: $313,000 in state tax credits will revitalize neighborhoods, support community programs

Money awarded through Neighborhood Assistance Program

HARRISBURG, Nov. 10 — State Rep. Summer Lee, D-Allegheny, announced more than $313,000 in state investments has been awarded to several local communities that will help revitalize neighborhoods and fund important programs.

The state tax credits were awarded to organizations in North Braddock, Edgewood, and Swissvale through the Neighborhood Assistance Program, an initiative through the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development. NAP supports nonprofits, businesses, and resident projects in distressed areas or low-income neighborhoods.

“These are important investments made to important organizations in our community. From funding revitalization efforts and inclusive programs, to supporting organizations aimed at providing recovery services for women, this funding will go a long way toward improving the quality of life for our friends and neighbors,” Lee said.

The following organizations were awarded state tax credits:

  • Mon Valley Initiative – North Braddock – An investment of $160,000 to support physical and social revitalization of Braddock and surrounding communities, preserve and expand Braddock Carnegie Library.

  • Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf – Edgewood – An investment of $16,500 dollars to support a joint initiative between the Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf and Little Lake Theatre Company, resulting in a pilot program that will foster a partnership with the deaf community and create a model for expanding the live theatrical experience to deaf artists, performers, and audience members.

  • Pennsylvania Organization for Women in Early Recovery – Swissvale – An investment of $137,000 to fund building the POWER Campus, which will help the organization continue its goal of providing a continuum of drug and alcohol treatment programs designed to strengthen a woman’s early recovery.

Lee said $11 million in state tax credits was awarded to 56 organizations in Allegheny County. For a full list of projects, click here.