Five House Democrats introduce Fair Share Tax Plan to increase taxes on income from wealth, decrease tax on income from wages and interest

HARRISBURG, June 24 – State Reps. Chris Rabb, Elizabeth Fiedler and Rick Krajewski, all D-Phila., and Reps. Sara Innamorato and Summer Lee, both D-Allegheny, have introduced a bill to update Pennsylvania’s tax code so it benefits working-class families over the ultra-rich. 

“For too long, the working people of Pennsylvania have been footing more than their fair share of taxes, with the most financially vulnerable people truly suffering,” Rabb said. “Our legislation seeks to correct that, to fix a broken system and, in so doing, generate funds from the ultra-rich – who are equipped to pay a little more – that can be invested into worthwhile expenditures, like removing lead pipes, growing in clean energy, and supporting child and senior care programs.” 

“Our neighbors across Pennsylvania are working harder than ever only to keep falling behind,” Innamorato said. “Under our current tax code these hardworking families, many frontline workers, are required to pay a higher percentage of their household budget than the wealthiest Pennsylvanians. This is simply unfair.  

“We need a tax code that is rooted in fairness, one that rewards work and ends the special loopholes for the richest,” Innamorato continued. “The overwhelming majority of Pennsylvanians would pay less in taxes or see no change under our proposal, but it will generate more than $6 billion in additional revenue. It would be good for our communities, our economy and our state.” 

"Pennsylvania's current tax system places an unfair burden on our most vulnerable neighbors while corporations and the wealthy take in profits," Krajewski said. "My colleagues and I have a plan, the Fair Share Tax Plan, to fix our broken system and create a more equitable system that will fund all the priorities important to Pennsylvanians while reducing the burden on working people and making sure the rich pay their dues." 

“It makes no sense that lower and middle-class Pennsylvanians across the state are carrying the burden of the tax system,” Lee said. “The current tax code is classist, and it needs to be corrected immediately. This legislation would provide relief to the majority of Pennsylvania families while making our commonwealth a fairer place to live, work and play.” 

“It is long past time for corporations and the superrich to pay their fair share of taxes,” Fiedler said. “The strain we are seeing on our public services right now – on our schools that have been chronically starved of the resources they need; on the understaffed unemployment system; on our aging housing stock that still lacks real affordability and energy efficiency – so many of these structural issues occur because our current tax code lets the wealthiest people in our state pay less than they owe. We need to shift the burden off poor and working-class people and their families in Pennsylvania and push the super-rich to pay their fair share. I am proud to work with my colleagues on this bill.”