Demanding action, Braddock lawmaker, members of PLBC take protests to state House chamber, disrupt voting session

Rep. Lee issues call to action as members disrupt voting session

HARRISBURG, June 8 – Following more than a week of rallies and protests across Pennsylvania and the nation, state Rep. Summer Lee, D-Allegheny, today organized her fellow members of the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus in disrupting a voting session of the Pennsylvania House and calling for action by the legislature.

“We are not willing to go back to business as usual and we are not willing to go back to ‘normal,’” said Lee, who has been fighting for criminal justice reforms since taking office and who last year also organized a rally demanding change after the death of Antwon Rose. “What we are seeing across this nation is a crying out for freedom and justice that we cannot ignore. We work for the people of this commonwealth, the very folks who have been on the street calling for change – we just came here and did our job today.”

After black members spoke for more than an hour, the state House recessed for the day so that lawmakers could hold negotiations aimed at holding a special session to address the issue and more than dozen bills that have been stalled in committee for more than a year. The House is scheduled to reconvene on Tuesday.